VERITÉ ENTERTAINMENT is an independent production company based in Los Angeles, CA founded by René Veilleux and Donald Roman Lopez. The company thrives on being multifaceted and adapting in these fast changing times in the industry. Whether the project is film, TV, animation, new media, voiceover production, or post production sound, Verité Entertainment always produces and delivers high-quality content. And whether that product is thought provoking or inspiring, thrilling or hilarious, our mission is to ENTERTAIN. Our strength is not in thinking that we are “jacks of all trades,” but in believing that we can produce high quality content on any platform. Verité Entertainment takes pride in its human resources. We believe that the key to any project’s success lies in assembling the best teams for each specific project. We surround ourselves with extremely skillful and talented collaborators. We love talented people, but we value good-natured people even more. So whether we are a work-for-hire for our divisions or working on our own properties, we thrive on what we do and the people we collaborate with. We are IMAGINATION, CREATION and INNOVATION. We are VERITÉ ENTERTAINMENT.