OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead Cast Unleashed


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Voices of the latest installment of the Walking Dead game franchise
Verité Entertainment is thrilled to introduce the amazing cast of OVERKILL's The Walking Dead, a four-player co-op FPS game released on PC November 6, 2018 and published by Starbreeze.

Our team recently oversaw the voiceover production of the latest installment of the Walking Dead game franchise, inspired by Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novels. To celebrate the highly anticipated launch of the game, Verité put together a video featurette that offers fans a behind-the-scenes look at the voiceover production, with commentary from the talent behind characters like the heavy-hitting “Aidan,” surgeon-turned-survivor “Maya,” and “Grant,” the grizzled frontiersman searching for his family, and many more!

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead features a slew of veteran voice and screen acting talent who brought to life the game’s dystopian world, including Gideon Emery, Kari Wahlgren, Stephanie Sheh, Warren Burke, Renee Faia, Helen Sadler, William Hope, Neil Kaplan and Richard Brake.

Verité Entertainment CEO, René Veilleux, who served as Lead Voice Director, read Kirkman’s graphic novels and entrenched himself in Walking Dead” mania to prepare for the ambitious project.

“What makes the world that Robert Kirkman created so scary and terrifying is that it is possible,” explains Veilleux. “His graphic novels give us the sense that our fellow humans are even scarier than the undead -- the real monsters -- and the true colors of people come out in these terrifying situations. Directing the voice performances, I pushed the actors to imagine how they would react and survive if all of life’s comforts were suddenly yanked away. Thankfully, we had an incredibly skilled and imaginative ensemble cast who delivered an amazing tapestry of performances that capture the raw reality of The Walking Dead universe, while honoring the powerful writing, meticulous character development,  and terrifying world the OVERKILL developers team created.”

Our partners at OVERKILL and Starbreeze were an absolute pleasure to work with who gave us all of the resources and trusted us to do what we do best, and Hampus Gross’ fearless passion and clarity was key to helping us bring this game to life. Big thanks to OVERKILL and Starbreeze Studios for bringing Verité along for this journey into OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead!

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead will be available on Steam November 6th and on PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and Windows PC in February 2019.